Quality & Process Consulting

Quality & Process Consulting

Consistently delivering quality products and services to customers is the sign of maturity for the organization. Though not impossible, the task of achieving consistent quality is extremely challenging, considering the fact that it is difficult to define, measure, and control the quality of the product or service.
Quality consulting is giving assurance and improving quality of a product and/or service. Quality is different for different products. Quality consultant will give appropriate improvement techniques by considering different quality definitions.
Process is a sequence of steps to be followed to get desired output. Process consultancy studies the existing process and suggests optimum improvement process. Process consultancy starts from scratch and ends with achieved target.

Lean Six Sigma


SixSigma is continues process of quality measurement. It is a business management strategy and aims in finding obstacles which are to be removed to reach organization’s perfection. One more activity of SixSigma is, minimizing the variability of manufacturing and business process. It tolerates only 3.4 defects per million opportunities which are calculated by using different statistical tools. SixSigma takes care about yield productivity, customer satisfaction and equipment efficiency within organization by following DMAIC and DMADV methodology.


Lean aims in speed-up the process by eliminating the waste. So, this gives fastest qualitative product to improve business. Lean considers the process which is unable to generate the value for the product as waste. According to Lean over production, over processing, rework, scrap and unused creativity are considered as waste. Elimination of waste by using Lean methodologies saves time and cost for business by improving profits.


Lean SixSigma is the combination of Lean and SixSigma process. Lean and SixSigma achieve the same result, process improvement, by following different process. Hence, the combination of Lean and SixSigma results in “Qualitative products and/or services – quickly and efficiently”


The Information technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of practices for IT service management. ITIL describes procedures, tasks and checklists which are not organic-specific and ITIL focuses on aligning IT services with the business needs.
ITIL includes the IT services with the business in the areas of Service desk, Application management, Technical management, Problem management and Continual service improvement.
Quality is stated in different ways, according to the customers’ view. Industries’ quality definition varies with the end product/service of that industry. Management plays a vital role in implementing quality standards in the industry. The Quality Management System (QMS) defines quality framework for all the industries. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) monitors and gives the certification to the organizations which follows QMS standards which are prescribed in ISO 9001.


Change is inevitable and the change is required for improvement. This change comes from the previous process. Re-engineering revise and rechecks the process from scratch for better improvement. Re-engineering works as a process for continual improvement. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is the widely used re-engineering technique. BPR gives most optimum process for the improvement. BPR gathers and analyses the previous data to give the unique approach for business growth.

Strategic Consultancy

Every business is different and every solution is different for a particular problem. One solution may not work for another problem. Business has to get the solution for a particular problem by depending on the constraints.
Strategic consultancy suggests the organization to implement prescribed process for better results. This process, suggested by the Strategic consultancy, is given to the organization after analyzing various constraints and situations of a business problem. Strategy changes from one business problem to another business problem. Strategic consultancy will take care about strategy implementation in the business for the growth.